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Customer service, does it exist?
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6/5/2010 6:18 AM (PST)

Why is there customer service seem to be all smoke and mirriors? There phone line all have the same response, " we are unable to answer your call try again later"

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6/7/2010 9:07 AM (PST)


Your concern with customer service is not new when talking about online gaming. They usually do not have phone support and rely on email correspondence but that too has it's own issues regarding slow or generic responses.

If you have a concern, I suggest you follow their their terms and conditions about your dispute and if you still cannot obtain resolve, file a complaint with the BBB.

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10/26/2010 10:33 AM (PST)

I followed Blizzards instructions to email them regarding my problem. Which was not game related but issues charging my Visa after I canceled an order in their online store.

All I got was an automated response saying to call them - and I did...over and over again until I finally got through 2 days later to sit on hold for 45 minutes. Nothing was resolved.Called back 2 days later...the same scenario - 45 minute que and Nothing was resolved.

I had to call my bank to dispute the charges on my Visa since BLizzard does not give out refunds even for canceled orders on tangible items. Such a joke this company is...with 12 million subscribers at 14.95 a month you would think they can afford better accoutning software and polished CSR's that can do their job.

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