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is anyone having any luck getting a refund from the Bay Law Group for failed loan Modifications to to their incompetance?
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10/1/2010 11:50 AM (PST)

Does anyone know where Bay Law Group disappeared to? Who owns it any connection. I am trying to get back the money for an unsuccessful Loan Mod due to their incompetence. Are there enough people that ended up on the short end of the stick with this company that a class action might be possible?

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10/1/2010 3:55 PM (PST)


Bay Law Group has an F rating with the BBB. Complainants allege a pattern of serious allegations which include unfulfilled contracts, misrepresentation, and inability to obtain refunds when services were not provided. Some complainants allege loan modifications are not completed within agreed upon timeframes, and wait time has exceeded several months. Other clients complain the company changed names, and locations without notifying them. or that refunds were promised but never received.

Check out their full report and reviews above your question.

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10/1/2010 8:00 PM (PST)

I am looking for info to find them and proceed to get a refund through the court system. any help out there.

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10/20/2010 12:18 AM (PST)

The person listed as attorney is: REZA BAYAT-- California Attorney Bar #228280 Address: 3500 W Olive Suite 300 Burbank CA 91505. Phone 310-694-4483. E-mail
If you have been scammed by any company in California, please contact the Attorney Generals office in the state where you live as well as in California, Also the Governor of California and Dept of Real Estate and Dept of Corporations. And the Mayor of Los Angeles as well. Don't give up.

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2/22/2011 6:19 PM (PST)

This company has changed names several times.

Wall Street and Associates, Bay Law Group, MA Law Group, Law Group Alliance.....

It is a scam!

We were ripped off too along with many others.

I discovered that there is a class action case pending against them (and all their AKA's). Case # BC438451

I recommend contacting the attorney who filed the case and giving him any info you may have - especially info. linking Mahan M. Abbasi and/or Reza Bayat to these companies.

Contact info. is:

Patricio T.D. Barrera, a P.C.
Barrera & Associates
1500 Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 500
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Tel: 310.802.1500
Fax: 310.802.0500

Also, the state bar is investigating these allogations as well. Their contact is Djinna Gochis at Case #10-O-08339 for Mahan M. Abbasi and Case # 10-O-08340 for Reza Bayat.

The goal of the suit is to get victims a refund of their fees. Call Pat Barrera and let him know you were a victim too.

I contact the DA's office and was told the "damages incurred were not enough for them to take action" - very disappointing. I would guess the amount exceeds the million dollar range over the past few years... Humm... I wonder how many voters this totals?

Good luck and hang in there.. don't give up.

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