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is hardship center for real or are they taking me for a ride with our loan?
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9/26/2011 12:29 PM (PST)

can I trust the following company the person's name is Daniel Keller the company is Hardship Center

2458 Newport Blvd Ste #205

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Tel: 800-516-0584 x510 Fax: 805-512-7861

They are do loan modification for our mortgage and not sure if they are on the up.

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9/29/2011 2:01 PM (PST)

I have had a modification with this company that was a success, so i think it depends in your situation on what you should do. If you are in a bad loan, try it first with your lender on your own, then search for 3rd party help if it makes you feel more comfortable. Coming from Bill M., someone that sits here all day criticizing every company he comes in contact with. Nothing positive in any of his reviews, so i would look further into the actual BBB and this Bill M guy before i take a chance of losing my house. Check these links out, BBB is a fraud. They charge companies for higher ratings, it is complete BS. And trust link is a BBB company, so do the math. The Los Angeles and Southern California Chapter of the BBB is, embroiled in what appears to be substantive State and Federal litigation, as a defendant. The various allegations include fraud, misrepresentation and other very disturbing charges. We offer the following review for client examination of the operational concerns as to The Better Business Bureau . / /

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10/5/2011 9:12 PM (PST)

Laurine, I have gone through the process of a successful loan modification and can recommend the proper channels to take. Please write me if I can help in any way...

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