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3/3/2014 8:15 PM (PST)

Did you have to pay additional $$$ for your food in the restaurants once you were on board your cruise ship? The fine print on the back of the cert says " are responsible for charges incurred in excess of this offer (approx $179pp), such as,
but not limited to, additional travel options, upgrades, gratuities AND MEALS." I have NEVER been on a cruise that charged extra for MEALS! PLEASE ADVISE, THANKS!!

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3/4/2014 11:32 AM (PST)

I have never heard of Spirit Incentives Cruises. The website makes it out to seem like you are getting some sort of deal or discounted rate but seems vague. But I got the impression from the site that it was a bare bones type of no frills type of thing. I have never heard of that...paying for your food on a cruise.

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