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Marge S.
166003 xyz
Paul Herman Law Group
Has anyone had their debt settled by this law firm?
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Paul B.
199148 xyz
Thomassen Law Group for Debt Settlements?
Anyone have any history with the Thomassen Law Group for debit relief? I have just made my first payment using legal helpers but with all that I ha... Read More »
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Nap E.
186731 xyz
I will be grateful for any information with regards to the legitimacy of Global Capital Group re Debt Settlement.
Re: Global Capital Group AKA First Choice Solutions at 26090 Towne CenterDr, Foothill Ranch, Ca., 92610. A Company in the Debt Settlement business.... Read More »
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Ramon L.
182384 xyz
This firm is making withdrawals from my Bank Account each month
I contracted the services of Douglas G Miller & Associates thru Global Debt Solutions, I just discovered tha this Miller firm is rated with an F by... Read More »
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Carolyn F.
166069 xyz
Is Morgan Drexen a reputable company?
Has anyone out there done business with the company "Morgan Drexen"? I have read some complaints on line and have an account with them. Need to kno... Read More »
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marijane g.
165687 xyz
is morgan drexen/hoeg consumer law firm a scam?
is morgan drexen/hoeg consumer lsw group a scam operation?
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Julianne O.
164783 xyz
Center For Legal Justice For Credit Card Debt
Center For Legal Justice, Attorney Howard Feinmel. Has anyone hired this lawyer for credit card debt DISMISSAL, NOT Debt Consolidation or for Time... Read More »
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Julz F.
163210 xyz
Credit Card Debt
Has anyone hired Howard Feinmel via The Center For Legal Justice for credit card/unsecured debt? Is he, and are they, trustworthy, and can debt TRU... Read More »
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161847 xyz
has anyone had an involvement with Legacy Debt Solutions??
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Cathy T.
162498 xyz
Should I drop the debt assistance company I am using because it scored an "F"?
My father recently suffered a stroke. I found out recently that had been duped in a credit card scam that has cost him about $36,000. He has been m... Read More »
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Maria L N.
66239 xyz
Stay away
They did same with me, but I got the summons from one of the credit card company. I called and called and the person that was in charge, from the a... Read More »
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rob b.
159231 xyz
National Legal Network- scam?
Anyone heard of National Legal Ntework. They are a CA. modification company. Are they legit?
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Kent B.
157669 xyz
So, do I trust Howard Feinmel ?
So Ann E. I am considering Howard Feinmel to help me solve a problem with a credit card co. Just what was, or has been, your experience with him? I... Read More »
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157084 xyz
Legal Services Group, LLC
Has anyone had experience w/ Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC?
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Karen R.
155555 xyz
Lawsuit filed, urgently need suggestions/advice
We are urgently in need of an attorney to represent us. In April of 2010 we signed a contract with Klosk Law, paying their services $1045.50/mo., t... Read More »
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Maria V.
155346 xyz
Matthews Law Firm Help!!
Has any one out there been able to get any response from Matthews Law Firm? I am very worry that I have not been able to get any response from them... Read More »
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Richard E.
153967 xyz
Nedd info
Isn't this the same Freedom Financial Debt Relief, that is involved in a class action lawsuit?
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Janet L.
148586 xyz
Getting out of a debt consolidation contract
If I have already signed the contracts for this Comsumer Debt Assistance or Consumer Law Associates, I have been making payments to for 6 months an... Read More »
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JOHN 8:32
146328 xyz
what is the attorney name for MLG law group and how can he or group be contacted.
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Mary N.
143707 xyz
Businesses that offer debt solutions.
Does anyone know of any legitimate business that really does settle debts by reducing the amount owed.
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Dee H.
143538 xyz
Where debts settled in a timely fashion?
I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with Consumer Debt Assistance in Irvine, Ca. If so, please give some input on whether or not... Read More »
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kristin p.
140177 xyz
Pls help is American Debt Center Going to Help Me
Is american debt center a good business. I am a home owner my house is in forclosure with no sale date because i am in modification for the fouth t... Read More »
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Leonardo G.
139962 xyz
Can somebody tell me what is the best thing to do in a case like this .. Where I go and report it..
This is more than a question this is an advice ... MLG Law Group is a scam ... I usually listen the radio and I know about this company on the radi... Read More »
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Penelope J.
138495 xyz
Starting new
I want to settle a few debts and fix my credit. I owe money to Target,JC Penney's, Premier Bank, and now AT&T. And I just finished a ten year bankr... Read More »
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Kevin B.
137136 xyz
Oak View Law Group, scam??
Oak View Law Group. Many positive reviews yet now the BBB has it rated as "NR"?? Are they still in buisness?? Any information/comments/reviews w... Read More »
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