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Review Posted 4/28/2013
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Court Investigator Reports: Victim Brian Suder of Home Rescue Programs wins in Court. All Charges Dismissed against Victim B
All causes of Action in a class action suit against Brian Suder have been dismissed in Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles on October 5, 2011. Case Number : BC446604 Victim, then (Defendant Brian Suder) passionately won Pro-Per against
a Beverly Hills law firm. Here is the reason: To start Home Rescue Programs is technically (legally) started by Courtney Nicole Liss and is currently owned by a Courtney Nicole Liss. It has a registered trademark to do Loan Modifications but the “trademark”
was eventually abandoned in 2009. Please review the links below: The report is a bit complicated so we will start with: Who is Courtney Nicole Liss? Courtney Nicole Liss was the former
fiancé of the true mastermind behind Home Rescue Programs: Brookes Bruno. In 2008, Brookes Bruno methodically placed everything in her name while he financed, built, and ran the entire project. Brookes Bruno is no stranger to controversy. Read Below:
In late 2007, Brookes Bruno had just finished his questionable dealings in the infamous Blue Hippo debacle. January 2008, he then created and launched Home Rescue Programs out of Baltimore, Maryland. The address of Home Rescue Programs Headquarters is listed
below: 1329 CLIPPER HEIGHTS AVE BALTIMORE, MD 21211-2319 Public record proves that Clipper Heights Avenue is the listed address for the trademark for Home Rescue Programs and was the Corporate Headquarters for Home Rescue Programs.
Additionally, this location is Brookes Bruno and Courtney Nicole Liss’ former primary residence. Furthermore, Brookes Bruno concurrently built another loan modification company in 2008 called: Sixon Property Trust Group and placed that company in Courtney
Nicole Liss’name as well. Read the drama that unfolded with that company below: The headquarters for Sixon
Property Trust is also: 1329 CLIPPER HEIGHTS AVE BALTIMORE, MD 21211-2319 Read Below: In early 2008, Brookes Bruno created quite a stir and presence on the East Coast for Home Rescue
Programs and Sixon Property Trust but he needed help getting a West Coast presence. So he enlisted the help of business man and fellow multi level marketer Steven Duplain to launch Home Rescue Programs/California Branch. Brookes and Steven Duplain had worked
together on a few of multi level marketing platforms in the past. Steven Duplain lives and works in Marina Del Rey and had a company that he ran out of a UPS store in Marina Del Rey called Freedom Equity Associates located at: 13428 Maxella Ave Ste 326 Marina
Del Rey, CA 90292 Steven had run Freedom Equity Associates from this location for 3 years prior to his launch of Home Rescue Programs (California Branch) in 2008. In March 2008, Steven Duplain and Brookes Bruno launched Home Rescue Programs (California Branch)
at Steven Duplain’s Maxella address: Read Below: Company Name: FREEDOM EQUITY ASSOCIATES, LLC Status: Active Filing Date: 06/22/2005 Entity Type: Domestic Limited-Liability Company File Number:
200517510252 Filing State: California (CA) Company Age: 7 Years, 10 Months Principal Address: 13428 Maxella Ave Ste 326 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Mailing Address: 13428 Maxella Ave Ste 326 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Registered Agent: Steven T Duplain 13428 Maxella
Ave Ste 326 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Freedom Equity Associates Address shown below:
Home Rescue Programs Address shown below: Both addresses
registered to: Steven T Duplain 13428 Maxella Ave Ste 326 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 Freedom Equity Associates which is owned and operated by Steven Duplain since 2005 had become the owner of Home Rescue Programs (California Branch) in March of 2008. Read the
attachment below: The parent company of Home Rescue Programs
(California Branch) is Home Rescue Programs (Maryland) which is listed in Courtney Nicole Liss’name by fiancé Brookes Bruno. Ultimately Brookes Bruno created, built, and ran all of Home Rescue Programs.
So in March 2008, the actual loan modification/loss mitigation industry was in its infancy stage. Veteran Business Owners/Marketers Brookes Bruno and Steven Duplain needed to find a pawn who actually had experience in loss mitigation. They needed to find someone
whom they could easily market to the masses (100’s of thousands of Brokers and homeowners Nationwide). They needed someone who actually had knowledge and the proper credentials in loss mitigation. They searched online until they found the writings of Brian
Suder, an employee of a retired HUD (Department of Housing & Urban Development) Commissioner. Brian Suder was simply helping the sick and financially distressed stay in their homes for the retired Commissioner’s small company. Brian Suder was actively writing
editorials for various publications and trade magazines about his experiences in the changing climate in the loss mitigation industry. His writings were posted online. Brookes and Steven stumbled upon his work while researching for their new pawn of Home Rescue
Programs (The Fall Guy). Brian Suder was living a very humble and simple life in San Diego. His passion in life was simply to help others. So what was the Loss Mitigation Industry like Pre 2008? HUD often worked hand in hand with Home Retention departments
of every major mortgage lender throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. Mortgage Banks had very small loss mitigation/home retention departments in the 1990’s early 2000’s. The team from HUD and the teams from all major mortgage lenders in the early 2000’s all
knew each other (Brian Suder included). They were all true homeowner advocates. Example: All of Bank of America’s loss mitigation team was comprised of 9 people for the entire United States in 2007. By 2010 it grew to tens of thousands. The environment of
loss mitigation prior to early 2008 was very small and simple. The small team of 9 people at Bank of America was comprised of a compassionate group whom truly cared about the wellbeing of mortgage lien owners who were facing distress in their lives. That team
would work with Government entities like HUD to ensure that distressed homeowners were given the right loan terms to fit their individual needs until they got back on their feet. The Set Up Steven Duplain and Brookes Bruno invited Brian Suder to a series of
conference calls and a few weeks later offered Brian Suder the job of his lifetime. They offered him the job of CEO of Brookes Bruno’s creation: Home Rescue Programs. (Note: A search of records nationwide has shown that Brian Suder has never owned any company
up to this point.) Brian Suder was quite honored and thrilled by Brookes and Steven’s offer and took it. Brian’s job description was quite simple. To do what he loves doing: To continue writing editorials about the changing environment of loan modifications.
As Brian continued his work, Brookes Bruno and Steven Duplain marketed Brian’s untarnished name to the masses (100’s of thousands of mortgage brokers and homeowners nationwide). Brookes Bruno was a marketing veteran and was the marketing mastermind behind
Blue Hippo nationwide. Brian was ordered by Stephen Duplain to work from his home in San Diego. Brian Suder was not given access to any bank accounts. Brian would occasionally travel to cities across the country to educate communities about home retention
and then was ordered to continue to write editorials from home. In 2009, the loss mitigation/loan modification industry became increasingly regulated. Steven Duplain brought in a broker named Susan Herman. Susan had worked with Steven on a few real estate
deals in the past. In order for Steven to continue operations from his Maxella address, Home Rescue Programs was required to have a real estate brokers license in California. Steven was receiving business from Susan Herman and offered her a money making opportunity.
Steven paid Susan Herman to use her license in order to keep California operations compliant. Steven would rarely invite Susan to come to the office and he fraudulently signed all checks stating his name as the Broker of Record of Home Rescue Programs. As
Steven Duplain and Brookes Bruno marketed Brian Suder’s name throughout the nation, Brian was eventually invited to Capital Hill to meet with members of Congress and educate them on Home Retention solutions. He met with 27 members of Congress individually
for several days on Capital Hill. The Governor of Texas Rick Perry insisted on having lunch with Brian Suder (Rick Perry offered Texas as a possible location for Home Rescue Programs headquarters because of the increased environment of regulations). Brookes
declined because he wanted to watch over things from his office and home in Baltimore. Steven continued to run most operations out of his office in Marina Del Rey while Brookes Bruno sat back and collected big checks. In October 2009, a new law, (California
Senate Bill 94) made it impossible for the Maryland Corporation to run its operations in California anymore. Brian Suder was officially fired by Steven Duplain and Brookes Bruno. Steven then fired everyone at his Marina Del Rey office. Mr. Duplain then signed
over the entire California Corporation to a little known company/non-profit called (V.O.I.C.E.) which stands for VIOLATIONS ON INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION & EVASION. VOICE took over all files, operations, and continued to process files for an undetermined amount
of time. A signed agreement shows that (VOICE) assumed all liability for Home Rescue Programs/California Branch. Post SB 94 – The aftermath of Home Rescue Programs shutting its doors Approximately 6 months to a year after the closing operations, Victims Courtney
Nicole Liss and Brian Suder became targets by 3 state regulators. Brian Suder was marketed as the Face of Brookes’ company Home Rescue Programs and Courtney Nicole Liss was listed on all corporate paperwork. Brian Suder and Courtney Nicole Liss were confused
by the mail. State Regulator mail was something new and unfamiliar to both of them. Brookes Bruno, (a Business Veteran), was fully prepared and sat back smiling. The three regulators that came after Brookes Bruno’s Co-Conspirator Steven Duplain, Victim Brian
Suder and Victim Courtney Nicole Liss were the following: 1. Washington State Department of Financial Institutions Home Rescue Programs Headquarters/Maryland and Sixon Property Trust Group were both fined by Washington State. Victim Brian Suder and Victim
Courtney Nicole Liss’ names were obvious targets but should be removed soon. 2. California Department of Real Estate Home Rescue Programs was eventually
audited by the California Department of Real Estate. Steven Duplain did not operate the company compliantly and the audit revealed that he embezzled a lot of money from the bank account . Victim Susan Herman lost her license as a result of Steven Duplain’s
fraudulent behavior. Read Below: Note: I spoke to Susan Herman at length and she has no animosity towards Victim Courtney Nicole Liss nor Victim Brian Suder and understands that they were equally victimized
by Steven Duplain. She has mistakenly written negative remarks about Brian Suder online in the past and takes back every statement. She was unaware at the time that Brian Suder was a victim as she was. 3. Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
Home Rescue Programs Headquarters in Maryland was fined by the state of Maryland: NOTE: Maryland will be changing this report soon to remove the Home Rescue Programs’ employees names Jeff
Murcia and Patricia Garcia and Victim Brian Suder. They will continue to keep Steven Duplain’s name on it and may be adding Brookes Bruno to this report (TBD). Potential New Claim: Criminal Authorities are simply looking at one person(criminally) now -Steven
Duplain. That is for fraudulently signing Broker of record on all checks. Potential New Claim: Civil Brookes Bruno was quite capable of covering all of his tracks but a very distraught ex fiancé may prove to be troublesome for him in the future. That is to
be continued. As expected, when Home Rescue Programs finally closed their doors, Brookes Bruno methodically brook up with Courtney leaving her stuck with the overall trade mark liability. Surprising Court Findings: Superior Court of California, County of Los
Angeles on October 5, 2011. Case Number : BC446604 Home Rescue Programs actually did process over 2,000 modifications throughout this mess but any homeowner who did not receive a mod is the First and Utmost Victims. The other casualties of this war were the
following: 1. Victim Courtney Nicole Liss. A poor young girl who had her heart shattered by Brookes Bruno and then left with the Home Rescue mess all in her name. 2. Victim Susan Herman. An untarnished seasoned broker in her 60’s whose licensed was destroyed
by Steven Duplain’s behavior. 3. Victim Brian Suder. A true consumer advocate set up by Brookes Bruno and Steven Duplain as the “Fall’ Guy for their unscrupulous behavior.
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